When it Comes to Shipping, LTL Rates Come Second

as originally published on LinkedIn… LTL rates get a lot of attention. Understandably, customers who need to move freight want the lowest LTL rates they can find. When marketing, freight companies talk about low rates. But a rates-first approach guarantees higher costs. To make the most of an LTL rate, a shipper needs to put … Read more

Where Business Can Get An LTL Quote

Getting an ltl quote is easier than what it used to be for most businesses looking to move freight by a single palette. There are multiple approaches to doing this but each has drawbacks and being able to work each strategy appropriately can mean the difference between profit and loss. So getting the best most accurate ltl quote the first time will help you choose an appropriate carrier.

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Where to Get Low LTL Freight Rates

Every company that sells tangible items either to other businesses or to the end consumer needs low LTL freight rates. Small businesses rarely can deal with the quantity requirements of full load shipping services, and shipping a pallet or two of items using package delivery services is not plausible at all in terms of cost. Even large companies such as Walmart and General Motors have long been taking advantage of less-than-a-load (LTL) shipping to shave some all-critical time from the length of their supply chains and turnaround times.

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How To Choose A Low-Cost LTL Freight Carrier

When looking for a low-cost LTL freight carrier from the many dozens online, consider the following. First, what do you need? With so many LTL freight carriers to choose from you may find it hard to make up your mind. You obviously need to know what your demands are versus what a carrier has to offer. If all you are going to have are local shipments for instance, you may want to consider a carrier that is local. Many a so-called low-cost LTL freight carrier will go anywhere but you might find that they will overcharge you versus what a local carrier will offer you.

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