Where To Find An LTL Freight Carrier

The biggest decision for many manufacturers and importers involves choosing the best freight carrier for their business. What seems like a simple decision can cost millions over the course of a year if not approached carefully. So where can you find the best LTL freight carrier?

The internet can be a great tool. A simple search can locate a lot of LTL freight carriers. It can also be very time consuming. A lot of research can go into looking for a freight carrier. Finding a reliable carrier that can provide for all the service destinations you need may sound easy. That is, until you realize there are thousands of carriers. So how can you make finding a freight carrier even easier?

Finding a Freight Carrier

If you supply a freight broker with this information you can have an easier time finding the right freight carrier. A website like www.ltlfreightcenter.com can find you a carrier that’s reliable and appropriate for your needs. Why? They have more experience dealing with these companies and have pre-negotiated freight rates.

Your company wouldn’t trust an intern to handle major business decisions and in a way if you don’t use a freight broker you are doing exactly that. That’s because you aren’t getting competitive rates at the lowest possible prices for your customers. Many think that with the increase of fuel prices and equipment cost has increased the price of freight but this is untrue.

Many carriers now are fighting to stay afloat and will take freight well below cost just so they can get their trucks back to their offices. This means certain companies pay as low as .50 cents a mile just so they don’t have to send a truck back empty. It means a freight carrier is going to charge the lowest prices they ever have.

To utilize this position fully you need a freight broker to deal directly with an ltl freight carrier. They know the business trends and exactly what you need in order to be cost effective in your shipping. Most of these companies offer online freight quotes which makes this even easier for you since you just have to fill out a form with your needs.

Yes you can find a carrier on your own but it will take weeks of research. Trust a freight broker to find you the best freight carrier out there so you don’t get left high and dry. You can save money and have your products arrive much early if you go this route.