How To Choose A Low-Cost LTL Freight Carrier

When looking for a low-cost LTL freight carrier from the many dozens online, consider the following. First, what do you need? With so many LTL freight carriers to choose from you may find it hard to make up your mind. You obviously need to know what your demands are versus what a carrier has to offer. If all you are going to have are local shipments for instance, you may want to consider a carrier that is local. Many a so-called low-cost LTL freight carrier will go anywhere but you might find that they will overcharge you versus what a local carrier will offer you.

How to Find a Low-Cost LTL Freight Carrier

Finding an LTL freight carrier with a low overhead is a key move here if you want to find a competitive price. Local companies will have this, whereas ltl freight carriers that service the entire country will have a larger fleet of vehicles to maintain, among other things, so they will have to pass that cost along to you. You may also want to ask around the other businesses that have the same shipping needs you do to see which of the ltl freight carriers they use. Sometimes word of mouth is the best reference you can get in this business.

The internet is a good resource as well when choosing ltl freight carriers. As mentioned before, this is a very competitive business and ltl freight carriers want yours. Don’t be misled into thinking that the first carrier that you find in an internet search is going to be the best one becasue they are so visible so quickly. A lot of business owners make that mistake and end up paying for it later on down the road. Be thorough in your research of the companies, take your time, and don’t fall for the first sales pitch you hear.

At we won’t give you a high energy sales pitch or try to push our services on you in an unprofessional manner. We have too much confidence that we are the right service for you that we don’t need to go that route.