Sweet Deal: LTL Freight Center LLC now offers Cargo Insurance for LTL and Truckload

We’ve got a new service to offer, and it’s a pretty sweet deal. You see, we just added Cargo Insurance by UPS Capital Insurance Company.   We can insure any shipment…with any carrier…to anywhere.  Whether you ship from Houston or need to bring freight into Houston, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where the deal gets really … Read more

How Logistics Agents Make 10-15% More with a Book of Business

How Logistics Agents Make 10-15% More with a Book of Business

If you’re a logistics agent with a book of business – even a small one, you’re sitting on a gold-mine. If it doesn’t feel like that, it may be time to consider why.

Let’s face it, to keep your income growing, you need to spend your time focused on building your book of business…not chasing down delivery details or weaving your way through company politics.

And why shortchange yourself working in a limited or capped income structure? With a book of business, you can easily parlay it into your own business with no income cap as a logistics agent. With a book of business, logistics agents make 10-15% more and are generally happier, have more freedom and unlimited growth potential.

Don’t undervalue yourself. If you have customers, you have expertise. And that’s valuable.

As an independent logistics agent, you unleash your earnings with unlimited income potential. And with technology today you can work from wherever you want.

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5 Reasons Many Carriers Choose to Offer Volume LTL


To reduce price pressures and more importantly stay profitable, you need to keep those trailers full.  That’s why so many carriers – both LTL and asset based – have begun offering volume LTL.  For asset based carriers particularly, it makes a lot of sense.  And these five reasons will show you why…

1. Get Paid to Move Assets

If you’ve got a lot trailers in Houston and need some in a different hub, why return empty?  Or worse, why wait for a partial TL or full TL?  Every minute your trailers wait in dock, well that’s money lost.

Offer volume LTL and leverage the demand for freight going to where you need trucks.  A lot of businesses have less than a full TL, and may not want the hassle of getting a partial TL (it’s true, LTL is easy to book).  So offer the volume LTL and you’ll have businesses paying you to move your trailers to the cities you need them in anyway.  It’s a win-win.

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5 Reasons Customers Choose Volume LTL Shipping

Volume LTL has become a popular way for many businesses to ship.  It fits a growing market of businesses looking to ship more at a given time to the same destination.  It’s sometimes referred to as partial TL, although there are differences, such as the need for freight set on pallets or in crates.

For a business with 6 pallets or more, a load greater than 5,000 pounds, or freight requiring 12-32 linear feet of trailer space, volume LTL may be the way to go.  And if you’ve never used it before, you may want to consider it for future shipments after seeing the 5 benefits customers who choose volume LTL enjoy.

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What is Volume LTL Shipping?

How we help LTL shippers avoid GRIs

Businesses who ship product and carriers looking to maximize business revenue have come to embrace Volume LTL shipping.  The simplest explanation is that it provides many of the benefits of truck load (TL) or partial TL with the cost savings associated with less than truckload (LTL).  It’s a win-win for everyone.

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