5 Areas of Cost-Savings in the New Age of Logistics

Cost Savings

The new age of logistics has arrived. Carrier direct is dead, or at least dying. To keep costs down and increase production, you can’t do it alone anymore.

To achieve cost savings, you need advanced logistics software. In seconds it can do what it would take hours for a team of people to do. But contrary to some experts, it’s not all about technology.

Today, companies that lead the way in this new age of logistics blend software and reporting with experienced logistics professionals.

When I meet with company presidents and corporate executives, we focus on process.   It’s a powerful conversation. About 90% of my new business comes from a conversation about business intelligence – not rates.

Used consistently, business intelligence delivers real savings to both large enterprises and small to mid-size businesses. When it comes to logistics today for businesses of all sizes, this old saying holds true, “Doing the same thing and expecting different results is…”

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How Logistics Agents Make 10-15% More with a Book of Business

How Logistics Agents Make 10-15% More with a Book of Business

If you’re a logistics agent with a book of business – even a small one, you’re sitting on a gold-mine. If it doesn’t feel like that, it may be time to consider why.

Let’s face it, to keep your income growing, you need to spend your time focused on building your book of business…not chasing down delivery details or weaving your way through company politics.

And why shortchange yourself working in a limited or capped income structure? With a book of business, you can easily parlay it into your own business with no income cap as a logistics agent. With a book of business, logistics agents make 10-15% more and are generally happier, have more freedom and unlimited growth potential.

Don’t undervalue yourself. If you have customers, you have expertise. And that’s valuable.

As an independent logistics agent, you unleash your earnings with unlimited income potential. And with technology today you can work from wherever you want.

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What Football Championships Reveal about Logistics KPIs

The end of Superbowl XLIX was certainly one for the ages.

It had everything a fan could hope for – excitement, drama and unbelievable final plays. And as I watched that final Seattle play, I couldn’t help but think about the importance of KPIs.

The Seahawks running back Lynch was averaging over four yards per carry. The team was at the one yard line. Even when New England knew he was getting the ball, they couldn’t stop him.

Seattle needed one more run play… well… you know how it ended. They ignored the numbers, threw the ball, and lost the ball and championship.

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Streamline your Supply Chain in 2015

Take these 3 Actions to Streamline your Supply Chain in 2015

Did you do a health check of your supply chain at the end of 2014?

Yes or no, it’s not too late to get a solid logistics plan in place for 2015. Whether you’re a broker-carrier or simply need to get your product to market, all you need to do is take the three actions I’m about to outline.

And when you do, you’ll create a turnkey system for managing and administering logistics this year. And that will save you time and money.

Better yet, the good news is you can probably accomplish all three in an hour or less.

So let’s get started…

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5 Steps to Make LTL Improve Your Bottom-line in 2015

At the end of every year, I ask the following two questions to both carrier/brokers and companies shipping freight.

  • Have you reviewed your year-end supply chain GRIs?
  • And as you look into 2015, how is the health of you supply chain?

The answers I get often vary. Some know, some don’t. Either way, I often recommend taking a few minutes at the end of the year and making a plan to secure the health of your supply chain.

Here are 5 simple steps every company can take today to make 2015 more profitable.

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