Ignore the Spin, the Electronic Logging Device Mandate Benefits Everyone

December 18 will be a great day for everyone in the U.S. who drives on the interstates, highways and even local roads. It’s the day the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate goes into effect. On that day, the roads will be safer, finally. Yet, the trucking industry and its lobby groups strongly oppose the ELD … Read more

Work Smart. Hire Women.

More than 50% of my total staff has always been women. I haven’t done this for some silly social justice quota thinking. I hire women because it’s just good business sense. In my experience, women are smarter and more detailed oriented. They work harder and give greater effort than a lot of the men I’ve … Read more

Why the Unishippers Worldwide Express Merger Will Cost You

As originally published on LinkedIn… Another merger and more bad news for shipping customers. In a previous post I wrote about five ways mergers cost businesses. In it I cited mergers in banks and airlines, but seriously, regardless of the industry, has any merger benefited customers more than shareholders? The recent Unishippers and Worldwide Express … Read more

LTL Freight Center Ad #3: Supply Chain Logistics Music Video

Supply Chain Logistics Should be Fun! At LTL Freight Center, we believe the serious business of supply chain logistics, LTL freight and truckload shipping should also be fun! That led us to feature this talented shipping container as it sings this well-known song along its journey. https://youtu.be/3gHBdkt4398   If you’d like your supply chain logistics … Read more

LTL Freight Center Ad #2: The Artwork of Low LTL Rates

Everyone Advertises Low LTL Rates In this brief video, we tie together the three ways our customers save big: Low Rates Great Carrier Services Customer Service In our experience, number 3 saves our customers the most. From the first handshake to regular logistics reviews, we uncover – and eliminate – a lot of hidden expenses … Read more

Should I Outsource My Houston Trucking Needs to a Logistics Broker?

Should I Outsource My Houston Trucking Needs to a Logistics Broker? As Hamlet said, “To outsource, or not to outsource / That is the question.” Well, okay maybe Hamlet didn’t say that, but he would have been just as right if he did. In my more than twenty years shipping product internationally and as a … Read more

3 Pokemon GO Revelations That Can Help Company’s Cut Costs (Shipping Too!)

The Pokemon GO craze has revealed a critical fact about our world.  We need to put technology where it belongs and get back to the business of living.  While that may seem like an individual choice, the fact is businesses who apply this same principle stand to cut their costs and increase revenues. I see … Read more