5 Reasons Customers Choose Volume LTL Shipping

Volume LTL has become a popular way for many businesses to ship.  It fits a growing market of businesses looking to ship more at a given time to the same destination.  It’s sometimes referred to as partial TL, although there are differences, such as the need for freight set on pallets or in crates.

For a business with 6 pallets or more, a load greater than 5,000 pounds, or freight requiring 12-32 linear feet of trailer space, volume LTL may be the way to go.  And if you’ve never used it before, you may want to consider it for future shipments after seeing the 5 benefits customers who choose volume LTL enjoy.

1. A Lower Price

Ok, so let’s start with the item that gets everyone’s attention – price.  Volume LTL offers lower pricing per unit than standard LTL freight.  It’s also cheaper than full truckload, and often less than partial truckload.  It’s like shipping partial TL, with LTL prices.

It also costs less in terms of time spent arranging the shipment.  Quotes can be turned around much more quickly, saving everyone time.  And when it comes to shipping, time truly is money.

2. Less Hassles

It’s easier to book.  Where partial LTL requires you post, wait, keep waiting, negotiate that surprising price down, and then book, volume LTL makes it much simpler.

Click.  Book.  Ship.  Maybe it seems that’s over-simplifying it; but maybe not.  Volume LTL can be quoted through non-asset based carriers right over the web.

How easy can it be to ship volume LTL?  Fill out the web form.  (Or 2 or 3 if you’re new to this and looking to find a carrier.  If you’ve got a carrier you trust, then just fill out the form.)  Click to submit.  You’ll get your quote.  Once you approve it, just make sure your freight is properly crated or on pallets when the truck arrives at your dock.

3. Same Day Shipping

Get your product out the door faster to keep revenues moving.  Like LTL, a volume LTL shipment leaves your dock the day to book it.  Don’t wait for a  carrier to find a trailer heading to your destination – book and ship the same day.

4. Less Damage

Shipments go dock-to-dock.  There’s no off-loading as is normal with regular LTL freight.  Even if your load sits at a dock briefly en route, it never gets off-loaded.  This ensures your products arrives as loaded, protecting it from possible damage along the route, reducing returns and the customer service nightmares which can result.

5. Flexible Options

Less-than-truckload shipping gives you flexible shipping to maximize cost savings; volume LTL is no different.  In the ‘old days’ a large shipment meant truckload or partial truckload as your options.  Well after negotiating, maybe Houston to Seattle priced at $4,700.  If you successfully negotiated that down, great!

What’s even better is getting your freight to Seattle for less than that.  That’s where today’s volume LTL comes in.  Maybe that partial truckload to Seattle costs $4,700.  Well, what if we split that load into two volume LTL loads and ship each one to Seattle for $1,800?  That’s a total of $3,600 for a dock-to-dock shipment.  And it saves you $1,100!

The Possibilities are Endless

Volume LTL has expanded the way freight moves.  And it has made it possible to move freight faster, and for a lower price.  If you haven’t previously considered it for your business, you just may want to for your next larger shipment.  It can save you time – and money.