How Fireworks Simplified Truckload Logistics

As another Fourth of July approaches, I was thinking about how much fireworks and truckload logistics really go together. You see, when I was a kid, I loved Fourth of July fireworks displays.  Today, the big explosions of color and sound are an inseparable part of the day.  Of course, as much as Independence Day … Read more

What to Look for in a 3PL and Freight Broker

Houston sends and receives so much freight, it’s no wonder so many freight brokers and 3PLs use it as their base.  As a Houston freight broker, one question I often hear is ‘What’s the difference from one company to another?’  Here’s what I recommend every business look at when evaluating a freight broker. Seasoned Management … Read more

5 Reasons to Choose Partial Truckload over LTL

Consider partial truckload the next time you have an LTL shipment.  Also called load-to-ride and volume LTL, it can offer substantial benefits over LTL. Before we get to why, let’s take a look at the two requirements of a partial truckload shipment.  It needs to consist of at least three pallets.  The defined size runs … Read more

3 Ways We Avoid the Dreaded GRIs

The beginning of 2016 saw another round of general rate increases (GRIs) throughout the logistics industry.   Companies around the U.S. watched as their LTL rates jumped again. If you’re like a lot of prospective customers I speak with, you probably don’t like GRIs.  But there’s not much you can do about them since they’re industry-wide, … Read more

Sweet Deal: LTL Freight Center LLC now offers Cargo Insurance for LTL and Truckload

We’ve got a new service to offer, and it’s a pretty sweet deal. You see, we just added Cargo Insurance by UPS Capital Insurance Company.   We can insure any shipment…with any carrier…to anywhere.  Whether you ship from Houston or need to bring freight into Houston, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where the deal gets really … Read more

You’ll say, ‘That was easy’

Easy Button

Wouldn’t it be great?

I mean if there were an “Easy” button for freight and logistics.

You know, like the one Staples gave away to their customers years ago.  Except instead of saying “That was easy” when you press the bright red button, it gives you all carriers in one location

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Successful Logistics Starts With Good People

Successful people in warehouse

When I speak with prospective clients, we spend a fair amount of time talking about BlueShip 3.0. It’s the software I use and one of several that has transformed the shipping and logistics industry.

Then we get to the really important subject: people.

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5 Areas of Cost-Savings in the New Age of Logistics

Cost Savings

The new age of logistics has arrived. Carrier direct is dead, or at least dying. To keep costs down and increase production, you can’t do it alone anymore.

To achieve cost-savings in logistics, you need advanced logistics software. In seconds it can do what it would take hours for a team of people to do. But contrary to some experts, it’s not all about technology.

Today, companies that lead the way in this new age of logistics blend software and reporting with experienced logistics professionals.

When I meet with company presidents and corporate executives, we focus on process.   It’s a powerful conversation. About 90% of my new business comes from a conversation about business intelligence – not rates.

Used consistently, business intelligence delivers real savings to both large enterprises and small to mid-size businesses. When it comes to logistics today for businesses of all sizes, this old saying holds true, “Doing the same thing and expecting different results is…”

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