How Logistics Agents Make 10-15% More with a Book of Business

If you’re a logistics agent with a book of business – even a small one, you’re sitting on a gold-mine. If it doesn’t feel like that, it may be time to consider why.

Let’s face it, to keep your income growing, you need to spend your time focused on building your book of business…not chasing down delivery details or weaving your way through company politics.

And why shortchange yourself working in a limited or capped income structure? With a book of business, you can easily parlay it into your own business with no income cap as a logistics agent. With a book of business, logistics agents make 10-15% more and are generally happier, have more freedom and unlimited growth potential.

Don’t undervalue yourself. If you have customers, you have expertise. And that’s valuable.

As an independent logistics agent, you unleash your earnings with unlimited income potential. And with technology today you can work from wherever you want.

Work from home. Work from the coffee-shop. Work from the beach. You define your income and your hours.

Because today, it’s not all about money is it? Time’s important too. When you cut out the commute and work on your own schedule, just imagine what you can do with the hours of your life you’ll get back. Turn that time into more work, income or more quality time with your family.

If you’re really motivated and want more from a career than the gray walls of a cubicle farm…if you’d like to earn more from your book of business…if you’d like to start working financial independence, then you need to launch your future as a logistics agent. Logistics agents serve as the top revenue generators for some of the world’s largest 3PL’s and Carrier partners; earning competitive splits on a residual basis. That’s income that works for you.

Now as you know, your logistics business is relationship driven. And to keep any relationship healthy, you need to give quality advice that benefits your customer and helps their business. For a logistics agent, this means developing strategies that will provide time-saving services and low costs for your customers. With your existing customers, you can focus on developing the accounts, being a robust service provider to grow with their business and streamline their supply chain operations. In the process, logistics agents are developing relationships and becoming a one stop shop for all their customers.

Fortunately, you don’t need to start from scratch. LTL Freight Center is now hiring logistics agents. All you need is your book of business and a strong partner to give you the best service and support in the industry.

Have you told or asked yourself the following lately?

  • My customer service needs to blow away anything the ‘big boys’ can offer
  • My pricing needs to be aggressive
  • I need to manage my customers’ entire supply chain more efficiently from dock to dock
  • My comp plan needs to be more aggressive.

If you have, you are probably unhappy because you aren’t your own boss and THAT’S OK. Everyone has a role and some of us are just naturally born entrepreneurs. There’s a place for you… it could be at LTL Freight Center as a Logistics Agent.

Many agents I’ve spoken with complain about two or more of these in their situations.

On the other-hand, we saved one customer 30% off his ‘usual’ costs without sacrificing service. We can do that because we’re not tied to one carrier. Our carriers compete for our business and that means they must provide the best possible pricing and services.

Our transportation management system BlueShip 3.0 makes this easy. Quoting is fast and simple and it tracks and reports so we have the details and information we need to provide the best possible customer service. You can set your customers up to book themselves as they can utilize a saved product and origin/destination libraries, track their shipments and more. Logistics Agents can brand BlueShip for their customer needs and even explore functionality and integration for large/enterprise clients.

Now, in full disclosure, we are looking for a few fresh, highly-motivated logistics agents with a book of LTL or Full Truckload business – large or small. As the CEO, I’ll be conducting the hiring myself; looking for logistics agents who are entrepreneurs at heart who want a successful business of their own. LTL Freight Center logistics agents will lead the sales initiatives for our fast-growing business.

Before you call us to get out of the logistics rat-race, you need to know logistics agents who partner with me can make 10-15% more. There are four reasons for this:

  • LTL Freight Center has a very competitive compensation plan
  • BlueShip 3.0 allows us to get the best costs and services for each and every customer and gives us the power to seamlessly manage our customers in real-time. We ensure positive customer experience to build relationships for the long-haul.
  • When you or your customers call, a live voice answers… no automated attendant here. Your customer service needs are handled immediately.
  • We take care of all the essentials like invoicing, receivables, claims, credit, and collections so you don’t have to… You can focus on building relationships as a logistics agent!

So if you’d like to make a change and set yourself free, give me a call at 281-400-1800 or fill out the form below. Let’s talk.