Work Smart. Hire Women.

Work smart, Hire womenMore than 50% of my total staff has always been women. I haven’t done this for some silly social justice quota thinking. I hire women because it’s just good business sense.

In my experience, women are smarter and more detailed oriented. They work harder and give greater effort than a lot of the men I’ve worked with. They also care more and have proven more dependable time after time.

I’m in business to be successful. Success demands a good, reliable team staffed by the best candidates. In my business, the best candidates time and again are women.

I’m Not Against Guys, But I Want Leaders

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I need results.

Now, I’m a guy. I’m honestly not against hiring guys who are willing to bust their backsides to do a job well and advances company goals. But guys, let’s be honest, we’re all inclined toward laziness. It’s like it’s in our DNA.

How many times has a guy interviewed with me for a position in my industry (freight), saying he’s an industry mover…holding up a list of accomplishments a page long…insisting on a salary 3x more than reasonable…only to get the job, then sit around and not lead.

I mean, I commend those guys who figured out how to get the choice assignments that dropped awards and recognitions on them. But when the “rubber hits the road” and they have to work, well, they only sit there without a clue what to do.

Why I Hire Women

I’ve rarely, if ever, had that problem with the women I’ve hired, even the ones with less experience! They come in to work. They pay attention to detail. If they’re new to the industry, they apply themselves with passion to learn it. It’s not long before they’re producing big results.

Women also make less mistakes. For those in the freight industry, how many times have LTL reclasses been a problem because someone was moving too quickly and not paying attention to details? At this point, I probably don’t need to tell you who doesn’t create as many of those problems for me.

Frankly, the women who work for me earn their commissions and raises.

It’s Time the Business World Got the Memo

I’m not here promoting feminism. No, I’m talking about running a successful business. The women who work in my companies play a big role in their success. Corporations would be wise to recognize the intelligence, talent and effort women bring to the workplace.

Take a look at the business world. There are too few female VPs and executives in the corporate world. It’s especially rough in the world of logistics.

It’s time that changed.