5 Reasons to Choose Partial Truckload over LTL

partial truckload with LTL Freight CenterConsider partial truckload the next time you have an LTL shipment.  Also called load-to-ride and volume LTL, it can offer substantial benefits over LTL.

Before we get to why, let’s take a look at the two requirements of a partial truckload shipment.  It needs to consist of at least three pallets.  The defined size runs from 12 to 3- linear feet.  (12 feet equals three standard 48” pallets.)  Second, those three pallets all need to have the same destination.

If your freight matches these characteristics, you’ve got potential partial truckload freight on your hands.  That’s good news.  Here’s five reasons why…

Big Cost Savings

The headline says it all, but let’s look a little deeper.

With partial truckload, you only pay for the space used and the weight of the shipment.  Unlike LTL, class does not affect the rate.  This means bigger savings the higher the freight class.

It also means you get a fixed rate for the shipment.  A three pallet shipment of 6,000 lbs of class 55 is the same price as a three pallet shipment  of the same weight at class 100.  In a case like this you could realize savings of 50% or more!

Faster Delivery Times

LTL freight makes stops through the carriers hub and spoke network.  This means your freight will likely get moved from one truck to another.  Partial truckload goes dock-to-dock.  It leaves your dock and remains on the truck until it gets to its destination.  It’s not a straight shot like truckload, but it’s still faster than LTL.  This makes it ideal for time sensitive freight.

Less Risk of Damage

Your freight moves onto the truck and then off at its destination.  Without the added stops and movement of LTL, there is significantly less risk of damage between origin and delivery.

Same Day Shipping

Like LTL, you partial truckload ships same day.  Since “truckload” is part of the term, there’s sometimes a little confusion on the requirements to get it shipped.  With a carrier that offers this service, it can ship same day just like LTL.

Think of partial truckload like this…Call.  Book.  Ship.  You just won’t spend as much.

Truckload that’s not quite truckload

When it comes to a large LTL shipment, truckload charges may be less.  But truckload services require more information, more planning, and won’t ship the same day.

So why go through the hassle of arranging a full truckload shipment?  Especially when you can get a freight service that ships same day like LTL and costs less.

In some cases, it may even make sense to break-up a full truckload shipment and send it partial truckload.  Delivery urgency and cost-savings are two factors that may suggest this strategy.

How to Make Partial Truckload Shipping Simple

My customer’s love partial truckload.  It saves them thousands of dollars.

It’s important to know that not all carriers offer this service.  To find a carrier who offers this, you can call carriers yourself or save yourself the time and call a third party logistics (3PL) broker like LTL Freight Center.

3PLs have partnerships with dozens or more common carriers.  This eliminates the many phone calls made to find a provider and negotiate a rate.  You make one phone call and get a list of carriers and their services.

Plus, a good 3PL will strategize with you to build a manifest that makes the most sense – both for time and price.

You can find a 3PL near you, but you don’t necessarily need to.  For example, LTL Freight Center is based in Houston, TX, but our carrier network covers the United States and Canada.  So while we’ve built our business in the Houston market, we can help companies from Florida to California get their freight delivered throughout North America on time and for rates that make sense for every budget.  If you’d like to learn more, click here.