LTL Freight Center Announces Job Openings For Experienced Logistics Agents

LTL Freight Center ( announced Friday, August 7, that they are seeking to fill up to three openings in it’s sales department as a logistics agent. The company’s growth has increased the priority to fill these positions immediately and is available to candidates nationwide. “Our growth has led to tremendous success for our company and … Read more

3rd Party Logistics or Carrier Direct? 7 Benefits of a 3PL

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When it comes to choosing between 3rd party logistics (3PL) or going carrier direct, the real question is – Do you want a partner or a vendor? Working with a carrier requires someone in-house to manage the relationship and take time to learn a little about shipping. And when your carrier-vendor doesn’t have a service you require, you may need to invest more time finding another option.

A 3PL partner handles all of this eliminating the need for any in-house shipping expertise. Here are 7 more benefits of working with a 3PL…

One Call vs. Multiple Calls

Make one call or fill in one online form with a 3rd PL partner and get multiple quotes. To get multiple quotes going carrier direct, multiple calls need to be made (or forms filled out), with a possible need for followup efforts. The time savings of 3PL is huge.

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5 Advantages 3PLs Offer Both Shippers and Carriers

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So far 2014 has seen the highest tonnage shipped in over 7 years. Many carriers face the problem of too much freight, and trying to maintain performance efficiencies. Often this results in GRIs (general rate increases). These GRIs create unwanted challenges for carriers – increased price management, and their customers – the need to pay more.

Third Party Logistics firms (3PLs) offer a solution for both carriers and customers. Here are the top 5 advantages of a 3PL that everyone can benefit from.

1 – Multiple Carriers

On the surface, this might seem only a benefit for the customer. After all, the customer gets to choose from a variety of carriers to find the best price and delivery time. Carriers do benefit as well.

A 3PL eliminates the back-and-forth of negotiations which can occur between a customer trying to ship for a low price and the carrier trying to get it on the right truck. For carriers, it also allows for the best allocation of freight, maximizing space, and makes the most of every run. The apparent ‘competition’ of a 3PL actually gets the best possible freight for the carrier, and the best possible price for a customer.

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