3PL LTL shipper in Houston

About Us

LTL Freight Center has a customer driven turnkey solution for your entire surface freight needs.

We work with:

  • The first-time shipper asking, how does LTL Freight get shipped?
  • Companies in need of a single LTL shipment.
  • Businesses that have fully integrated shipping needs and want to know how to consolidate full truckload and LTL shipments to drive down supply chain costs?

We pride ourselves on strategic logistics and the best customer service in the industry.  This includes great LTL rates and full truckload rates – with no long-term contracts.

I started LTL Freight Center in 2008 to become a one-stop 3PL focused on LTL and truckload freight and logistics management in Houston.  Since then, the business has grown and expanded to nationwide coverage.

Despite the economy’s ups and down in recent years, we continue to grow.  This success comes from our commitment to customer service. Whether you want to discuss 3PL services or get a fast freight quote, I’m ready to answer your call.

LTL Freight Center now offers full truckload and partial truckload services.  While we remain strong in the Houston freight market, we work with companies around the United States.  We also deliver to Mexico and Canada and meet the regulatory requirements for all types of logistics services.

Truckload and less than truckload shipments from Canada to the United States?

We are a solution.

Great LTL Rates

When it comes to LTL rates, our customers save.  As a 3PL, we leverage our volume to get you the lowest LTL freight rates possible.  With our program, carriers bid on your business.

Who are these LTL carriers?  Our network of carriers includes 74 common LTL freight carriers based across the United States and Canada. This includes top carriers like Old Dominion, Southeastern Freight Lines, UPS Freight, and AAA Cooper.

Our relationships guarantee every logistics customer gets the best LTL carrier and service to meet its individual shipping need.

To manage this entire system, we apply a proprietary logistics software to improve communication, speed our response, and decrease cost. We call it a single source solution platform.

We are proud to be a leading logistics technology firm in the nation.

Since we opened our doors, we have earned a reputation as the “go-to” for LTL and truckload shipping for both SMB and enterprise businesses.

A Customer Service Focused 3PL

Our success comes from our commitment to remain a human-powered third-party logistics broker agency.  We make freight shipping simple with a goal to lower our customers’ logistics costs.

This commitment to customer service defines everything we do.  As a result, we constantly adapt to changes in the industry, changes in the economy, and even to the individual changes in every customer’s business.

For more information about our services call 713-589-5511 or click here to contact us.

Dean McNeely LTL Freight Center 3PL LTL and truckload services

Meet Dean McNeely

Dean is a native Texan who has worked in the shipping industry for decades. Through passion and perseverance he acquired a thorough understanding of domestic and international transportation systems.  That includes ocean and airfreight infrastructure too.

For several years he also sat on the other side of the table.  As an importer he worked with many LTL carriers, 3PLs and truckload carriers.  From this experience, he came to know what someone shipping product needs.

Inspired, he set out to find a better way to ship LTL, truckload and partial truckload freight.  He set out to make the lives of business owners, shipping managers, and anyone who needs shipping services simpler and easier.

For Dean, the customer comes first.  He believes the foundation for any business is customer satisfaction.  As a result, he expects honesty, accountability, work ethic, and problem-solving from himself and his employees.

If you have LTL shipping needs, give him a call.  He will be happy to cater to your requirements.